VOICES is a series of intra-school contests for all grade levels, organized annually by the English Department.

The annual contest is a part of our co-curricular program intended to develop students’ English language skills, as well as other soft skills necessary for healthy competition and friendly cooperation through working in teams and managing events. All the grade levels are given the opportunity to compete in the contests.

The contests have been designed to cater to the different ages and skills of our students. The following are the contests for the different age groups/grade levels:

Early in March of every year, letters are sent to parents informing them of the contest season. All the students in every class are given the opportunity to participate in the elimination round. To ensure fairness and uniformity in judging, contest material for the selection round is provided to the students, and the top three performers will represent their classes in their respective grade level event. The three finalists from each class are then trained by teachers before morning assembly and during break time.

Students are trained to serve as masters of ceremonies, mechanics/judging criteria readers, while others are trained to present intermission numbers which allow the students to showcase their different talents. Students in every grade level and their parents are invited to witness these momentous events.

All the contested activities are held in the school campus during school hours.

The school acknowledges the effort of all participants by giving certificates of participation, while the emerged top three winners are awarded with trophies/medals and certificates.