P - Punctuality

E - Excellence

A - Adaptability

R - Respect

L - Leadership

G - Global citizenship

U - Understanding

L - Lifelong learning

F - Family

A Reflection of the Arabian Pearl Gulf School principle and philosophy

  • Student-Centered

    At Arabian Pearl Gulf School, the learners are the center of the teaching-learning process. While quantity of learning is emphasized, quality of education is never compromised. Student development and achievement is the focal point of the educational system. Students are discouraged to fail and encouraged to succeed through constant and consistent follow-up on their progress. Student progress is closely monitored through a unique system of academic tracking of the individual student's performance.

  • Interactive Instruction

    Lessons are given to Arabian Pearl Gulf School learners on an interactive level of instruction. Teachers are also classroom facilitators. Students are offered the opportunity to present and perform in class and exchange ideas with each other allowing every member of the class to grow personally with the ethics of a professional.

  • Integrated Curriculum

    Arabian Pearl Gulf School instructional design is an integration of school-based and international standards curriculum which sharpens the minds and strengthens the hearts of the students while opening the door to the successful graduates towards a bigger horizon and a higher possibility for admission to a university through the National Certificate and International Diploma.

  • Collaborative Communication

    There is a strong link between Arabian Pearl Gulf School School and the students' families. Active communication exists between the School Administration and the parents. Administrators, teachers, staff and parents work hand-in-hand to motivate the students to push up their performance to its peak. Open Days and conferences are held by the school to meet and discuss with the parents about their children who are enrolled in the school academic programmes.

  • Cultural Diversity

    Teachers and students at Arabian Pearl Gulf School are multinational and multicultural. The diversity in culture helps students to better understand human nature and gives them a great opportunity to fully appreciate their own culture and other's as well which allow them to become more open-minded to people, places and situations.

  • Individual Immersion

    Arabian Pearl Gulf School learners are exposed to a real-life situation through immersion. They are allowed to experience service and enhance creativity through the in-campus and off-campus activities. They go on local and international trips for recreational and educational purposes where they are privileged to grow into young and responsible adults and eventually become emotionally mature professionals.