Speakers Forum

Today's competitive global market demands communication skills as a prime requisite in the labor market. Since Bahrain’s Economic Vision 2030 aims to make Bahrainis the employees of choice in the private sector (Bahrain Economic Development Board, 2009), the APG is likewise geared towards enhancing its strategies in order to further equip the students with the communication skills and increase their students admission in the tertiary level and employability once they finish their degree. To achieve this noble cause, the Speakers Club was formed.

The club offers its student-members a platform to develop their communication and leadership skills. The club’s multifarious activities are intended to foster creative and critical thinking abilities, collaboration skills, problem-solving and decision making abilities, time management, adaptability and research skills. All of these core skills nurture students’ emotional intelligence to function as successful individuals in the workplace and community. This also enables the students to deliver prepared or extemporaneous speeches, participate actively in debates, serving as club officers training them to organize and conduct meetings and many others.

The Speakers Club is non-political, non-racist, and non-gender-biased. The in-house club is open to APG students from Grades 6 - 12. The club meets on Thursdays from 2.00 - 4.00 p.m. within the school premises.