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Youth Talk

Arabian Pearl Gulf School is once again honored to be partnering with Global Nomads Group (GNG) by participating in the Youth Talk program. This is our 4th year running this club and we are paired with Sharon Public School (Massachusetts). We are delighted that your ward has signed up for the club this year.

Youth Talk is an exciting interactive videoconference program for high school students, designed to promote active global citizenship among young people in the US and countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). These connections will allow students to compare perspectives and increase their understanding of people and cultures worldwide.

The program is an initiative of Bridges of Understanding and Global Nomads Group. Members of the club will immensely benefit by engaging in intercultural dialogue, gathering resources and building leadership skills. Members will also utilize technology and learn how to communicate and share ideas across cultures and will be equipped with the 21st century learning skills needed to positively influence relations between our different cultures.

The Youth Talk program will require our students to participate in;

  • Live videoconferences between Arabian Pearl Gulf School and Sharon High school students,
  • A private Google+ online Community,
  • An interactive project-based curriculum, and
  • A collaborative project that will build cultural understanding


Students who successfully complete this program will receive a certificate from GNG and Arabian Pearl Gulf School students will additionally get a surprise reward from the school.