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Primary School (For Grades 1 to 6)

Primary school programmes

Education is not filling of a pail but lighting of fire

Education is for the betterment of the individual and in the long run for the society. Education helps us prepare ourselves for the life ahead. Darwin gave the theory of the 'survival of the fittest'; we can say in a way that education prepares the individual for the struggle of life for his own survival.

Knowledge combined with proper guidance can spell success. A dose of proper guidance should be commenced right from the base itself, that is, in school days. Here comes the role of the primary teacher in moulding a child's mind. Educating a child, especially in the beginning years of schooling, is a very tricky job. That is probably because the child's mind is like the unmoulded clay at that time. Therefore to get the best results and prepare well-informed and erudite adults, proper guidance is given by the teacher at Arabian Pearl Gulf School that makes a child ready to face the society, inculcate moral habits in him and thus, assist him in his all round development. Education, thus, makes a person an improved version of himself and the world a much better place to live in. "Education is natural, harmonious and progressive development of man's innate powers." Education enables us to control, give the right direction and the final sublimation of instincts. It creates good citizens. It helps to prepare the kids for their future life. Education inculcates certain values and principles and also prepares a human being for social life. It civilizes the man.

Specific objectives of Primary education at Arabian Pearl Gulf School


  1. acquisition of tools of formal learning, namely, literacy, numeracy and manual skills ;
  2. acquisition of knowledge through observation, study and experimentation in the areas of social and natural sciences ;
  3. development of physical strength and team spirit through sports and games ;
  4. acquisition of skills for planning and executing socially useful productive work with a view to making education work-based ;
  5. acquisition of skills of purposeful observation ;
  6. acquisition of habits of cooperative behaviour within the family, school and community ;
  7. development of aesthetic perception and creativity through participation in artistic activities and observation of nature ;
  8. development of social responsibility by inculcating habits (individually as well as collectively) of appreciation of the culture and life styles of persons of other religions, regions and countries ; and readiness to serve the weaker and the deprived ;
  9. development of the desire to participate in productive and other processes of community life and to serve the community;

At Arabian Pearl Gulf School the Primary school teachers aim to broadly educate children. The education addresses their emotional and intellectual development, the development of their creativity, and their acquisition of social, cultural and physical skills.. The core objectives are divided into language, English and Arabic language , mathematics and arithmetic, exploratory social studies,Islamic Studies, art education and physical education.

Considering the nature of primary education,the highly qualified primary school teachers of Arabian Pearl Gulf School address and stimulate the children's natural curiosity and their need for holistic development. By offering a structured and interactive educational programme, different forms of exploratory education and interesting themes and activitiesare provided to stimulate their development. Furthermore they link content and objectives closely to everyday life, and present it in coherence with each other. Moreover, attention is given to objectives that are important for all learning areas: a good working attitude, use of learning strategies, reflection on one's own actions and learning, expression of one's own thoughts and feelings, respectful listening to and criticising of others' opinions, acquisition and processing of information, development of self-confidence, respectful and responsible dealing with each other, and care and appreciation for the living environment.

Most exercise and sports activities are participated in as a group, which makes it necessary to learn about the rules that apply, how to abide by them, and who plays which part. In addition, it is necessary to learn to help each other, watch over each other's safety, respect each other's possibilities, and explore one's own possibilities. Exercising is and should be fun. Fun is essential in order to continue to participate in exercising activities.

Core objectives 

The pupils learn to participate in a responsible way in the surrounding exercise culture and learn to experience and perform the main principles of the most important sports and exercise forms. In collaboration with others, the pupils learn to participate in exercise activities in a respectful way,agree on regulations evaluate their own exercise possibilities and take these into account when participating in activities.

To enhance the knowledge of the teachers and expose them to latest trends and innovative strategies of teaching the teachers are made to attend professional development workshops conducted by educational experts.