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History of Arabian Pearl Gulf School

 APG is a private school situated at Capital Governorate – Khamis, Kingdom of Bahrain.

It was founded in June 1996 by Mr. Mohammed Moosa Al A'ali. It was  strictly planned to start the school with a population of 120 students during the first year of its operation of which the school initially accommodated three levels: two levels of Preschool  and  Grade One .

APG is named  as Arabian Pearl Gulf to carry the national reflection attached to the country Bahrain as Pearl of the Gulf.

Mr. Al A'ali has always held  a special passion to provide high quality education to the children of Bahrain and the children who join APG. His main objective was to encourage learners to become highly educated citizens serving their country and the world by being international students . He  was inspired to invest in education in order to  make his dream come true in  reality. He strongly believes  that  learning and education are the main “feeding substances”   for the mind, heart and soul.

The support of the  government of Bahrain plays a  vital role in  encouraging the private sector  to open up educational institutions that will cater for  the needs of the youth. APG  has received the  support  it needed to continue its development and growth.


APG School offers its educational services for Bahraini and non-Bahraini children who are willing to learn and capable of meeting high and quality standards of the school. It aims to develop the learning abilities of the students and  maximize  their potential, to awaken their  searching spirit, providing high quality morals and values and to provide academic and social skills they need to cope with life to help them  serve  themselves and the others around the globe.


The school is successfully run by the  principal Ms. Ebtisam Saeed Al Zeera – Bahraini citizen who believes that the learner is the center of a learning process and all other decisions and activities are built around the integral development of the learner. Moreover ,the school decision makers believe that the best qualities they can cultivate in the students for life time is instilling self-discipline, serving others and the local, regional and international community , developing  a passion for  learning , accepting challenges and striving  for excellence. 

For the past  few years, APG has grown up steadily on a high professional scale with    high moral and values , presently has more than 1336 students from Preschool to

 Grade 12. The school has   expanded  and in 2014-2015 , A new branch of the Preschool  has been established to serve more 260 children . The was  authorized to offer  international certificates such as IGCSE for grades 9& 10 and IB Diploma for grades 11&12   the students who will complete Grade12 will hold both national school certificate and   an International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma, an authorized program of advanced studies recognized at university level around the world.


The school has finalized its Strategic Plan for the coming five years and shall start new projects for expansion to meet the high demand of registration . APG will always be determined  to achieve its goals and offer quality educational services.

 General Philosophy: Approach to Education

We consider the school as a production unit. Administrators, teachers and students are all one working team in this unit. The product is not computers or other gadgets , but interactive  knowledge and ideas that go into the students minds. Since the students are the ones who receive the learning and educational product, they should be the most concerned sharing partners. This is why APG School staff , students and parents work together as an interactive team. Everyone has a job and assignment to do, everyone is committed towards excellence, administrators, students and staff “self-audit” in order to discover excellent venues for learning and education.


 Catering for the Complete Individual: The APG School is an English-medium, highly academic, non-selective, co-educational, independent day school catering for students from the ages of 3 to 18.The school provides high quality education to children of different backgrounds. We believe we can add more value to students so they can perform to the best of their abilities, be accepted by the most competitive international universities and have successful careers. The school develops the students' academic competence, learning strategies , interpersonal skills and high caliber personality in addition to instilling in the students high ethical, moral and civic values , and community service. The setting of the school helps students develop better understanding of the world cultures ,  dialogue and diverse  relationship

 The APG Syllabus: The syllabus is specifically designed by APG to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the universities around the world. 

 Monitoring the Learning Process: All courses are structured. A unique system of academic tracking allows the administration to follow closely the progress of each individual. Gaps are pinpointed as soon as they form and the student's efforts are focused on eliminating them. Valuable time is saved and gap-free cohesive structure of knowledge is built in students minds.

 Follow-up: Students are not allowed to fail in peace. Instead, those who fall behind in their work are advised, motivated, detained, helped and coached until they catch up. As long as they manage their own time successfully, their time is theirs. Otherwise, we take over.

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