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Principal's Message

Dear all,

Welcome to our new , recently renovated website! Our commitment at APG School  is to continue providing high standards of educational services. We aim at providing a  very motivating positive and inclusive learning  environment set within the parameters of sound values and a discipline. An environment that will continue to empower students to become  knowledgeable, creative, caring, thinkers, and excellent communicators. We also aim at preparing APG students to succeed in  high school, college, and life. Ultimately obtain a decent career in the future, meet the competitive labor market requirements and become good citizens .

Our dedicated staff are well equipped with teaching tools and work hard to  meet high performance standards. They  have collaborated towards preparing APG  Strategic Plan for the next five years. The plan  will focus on sustained progress and  improvement of all school aspects especially the following areas  : 

 Raising students’ academic achievement level .

 Nurturing   overall personality development .

 Providing a safe and bullying free environment . 

 Developing  a high sense of global awareness .  

 Fostering   each student individual potential .

 Helping  students  to become autonomous learners .

We believe that parents play a great role in  their children’s education. Parents who keep close contact with the school regarding their  child's academic and social progress and encourage their child by focusing on positive achievements and behaviour  usually contribute to a great extant in their child’s success and achievement. Parents who appreciate the school efforts and are well aware of their child’s potential and abilities will always find APG a very supporting learning institute.

Let us hope and pray for a very successful school year !


Ebtisam Al Zeera 

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