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Gate Unit

1) CoRT Training

For Grades 4 & 5ABC

For the first time, we are teaching creative thinking skills for primary students on a weekly basis. CoRT (Cognitive Research Trust) program is a comprehensive approach to the teaching of thinking. Grade 4 students are trained on CoRT 1, which is designed to encourage students to broaden their thinking, and direct it towards various areas when making a decision. G5 students however, are trained on CoRT 4, covering the basic creative techniques, procedures and attitudes.
The lessons are a mixture of: direct instruction by the teacher, student group work, class discussions, individual work, and homework projects. During the second semester G5DEF and G6 students will be taught CoRT4 – creativity.

2) Thinking Corner
 For Grades 4-6
The program aims at developing students thinking skills, and problem solving through a weekly challenging question in which they have to answer, and then awarded through points system. The program is designed for G4-6 students.
 For Grades 4-6
ALPHA Program is designed for highly academically talented students, and aims to extend their knowledge through challenging accelerated worksheets for 8 weeks. Students were selected based on their overall grade A/A* during the last school year, and who attained 95 or above in any of the 3 subjects – English, Math, and Science. The students undertook a diagnostic test designed by the coordinators of the subjects and their teachers specifically for the program. Students have been selected to join the program based on highest first, and if a student undertook more than one test s/he was selected in the subject s/he attained the highest grade. The program caters for 67 students from three different levels.