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19 March 2017 to 27th of March - “Resonate the Voices within”

With the aim of developing fully the speaking skills of APG students to become confident public speakers and critical thinkers, the English Department spearheaded the VOICES from the 19th to 27th of March, 8:00-10:30 at Aradous Hall, wherein students from Grade 1 to 8 showcased their talents in the different contests and presentations under the theme, “Resonate the Voices within”.
               Being done annually, VOICES has a distinct competition everyday for each grade level which have been as follows: Gr. 1-Prepared Speech, “ Someone I Love”, Grade 2- Show-and- Tell, Grade 3- Storytelling, Grade 4- Poetry Recitation, Grade 5- Dramatic Monologue, Grade 6- Spin N’ Win, Grade 7 and 8- Prepared Speech.
              Among the many contestants who all presented excellently this year, the following bagged the top 3 places: Grade 1-  1st -  Farah Salman Ahmed (1B), 2nd - S. Ali Sadeq (1A), 3rd- Fatima Abdulrheda (1F) ; Grade 2- 1st- Huda Hasan Ali Jawad (2D), 2nd- Narjis Mohamed Saed Mohamed (2C), 3rd- Batool Sayed Aqeel Alawi (2B) ; Grade 3- 1st – Ahmed Tawfeeq Ebrahim (3A), 2nd- Mona Isa Abbas Shaheen (3B), 3rd- Mohammed Mahdi Mohammed (3C) ;  Grade 4- 1st- Fatima Hussain A. Hameed Al Yaqoob (4B), 2nd- Dana Hassan Ali Ebrahim (4A), 3rd – Lujain Hussain Abduljalili Ahmed (4A) ; Grade 5- 1st- Eman Sameer (5B), 2nd- Zainab Jassim (5C), 3rd- Mariam Mohammed (5B) ; Grade 6- 1st- 6C, 2nd- 6D, 3rd- 6B ; Grade 7- 1st- Zainab Hussain A. Nabi Isa (7A), 2nd -Sarah Abbas Abedali Yousif (7B), 3rd- Sawsan Jaffar Ali Al Madhoob (7B) ; and Grade 8- 1st- Saleh Dhaif Hussain (8C), 2nd- Zainab Al Shaikh (8B)   , 3rd- Hussain Hameed Shaker Mahdi (8C).
              As a whole, the yearly event was really successful and fruitful because of the hardwork and commitment of the multi-talented English teachers and the unfailing support and guidance of the Department Coordinator- Dr. Roditha V. Hidalgo, Vice-Principal- Ms. Shahla Anbreen, Primary Principal- Ms. Iqbal Nawaf, and Middle and High School Principal- Ms. Ebtisam Al-Zeera.