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Spearheaded by the IGCSE Coordinator, Miss Yhen Caluyo

The administration of APG believes that students knew already what they wanted to be in the future. Therefore, these students have set a goal in their young minds and a vision on what they want to become.  To help them to realize their dreams and vision, APG will always be of help in fulfilling any dream these students have.
Spearheaded by the intelligent and dynamic IGCSE coordinator, Miss Yhen Caluyo, the International General Certificate of Secondary Education Department (IGCSE) held its orientation seminar for parents and students from 8th grade last February 19, 2017 from 8:30 – 10:00 PM at the AWAL Hall attended by 82 students and their parents from the said level. The seminar was also attended by APG’s passionate and competent school principal, Miss Ebtisam Al Zeera among the teachers from grade 8 level.
The orientation aimed to acquaint parents and students on the IGCSE system and how it can be beneficial to their kids’ future. Miss Yhen started the said orientation by giving the overview of the IGCSE system as a highly recognized program in the world which has the equivalence of GCSE of the United Kingdom, its advantages for the takers and other benefits that students can get by undergoing through the program. It was also emphasized in the session the relevance of IGCSE to IB Diploma Program that ensures their entry to colleges or university in Bahrain or abroad. To enlighten the parents and students with the forms of assessment, examinations and invigilation procedures were also tackled.
Students from IB and IGCSE shared their own experience of the program and how they were benefited in taking it. They gave tips to both parents and students on how to succeed in the program and how to maximize it on their advantage. Some of them talked about some of their struggles in taking the program and how they were able to overcome them and ended up triumphant at the end.  There was also an opportunity for the parents to make queries regarding the program. The IGCE Coordiator, Miss Yhen and the school principal, Miss Ebtisam answered the questions.
It’s cliché but they say that education is really the key to success. Success may not come easily for it requires hard work, determination and cooperation from the parents, teachers and students themselves.  In this light, APG and the IGCSE are making sure that parents are involved in the learning experience of their children to maximize their full potential.

In the end, with the merging of help from the APG management, teachers, parents and students. APG students can make themselves the best that they can possibly be.