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2022 Math Fair

18 April 2022 April 18-21, 2022


The Mathematics Department had its exhibit with the theme: “Mathematical Gifts and Skills in Visuals: Creative, Explorative, and Imaginative 21st Century Learners.” The projects of students from different year levels were showcased from April 18 to 21, 2022. The display included paper clock, polygon art, DIY Math flashcards, fraction war game, Math learning machine, inequality 3D images, fractions cards, graphing equation art, cross number puzzles, and Archimedes puzzles.

The exhibit served as another avenue for the students to create meaningful outputs and an opportunity to acquire additional knowledge while applying their mathematical skills. The interactive games  and materials made by a group of students have given an encouragement to young learners to practice their skills while having fun. Some showed off their artistic side creating creative projects.

Students from different classes had fun viewing the projects and playing with the interactive games during their scheduled visits.