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English Voices 2021: ‚ÄúCommunication through Creative Expression‚ÄĚ

03 June 2021 Grade 3 Storytelling Contest

 The world is facing a huge catastrophe at the moment. COVID-19 has invaded our lives and forced us to switch from a normal teaching setting to a virtual one. However, these difficult times did not stop our determination in providing APG students the VOICES competition.

APG school annual tradition of having voices contest whereby all the grades have a specific contest to present. The Grade 3 contest aims to develop students’ self-confidence, global, historical, and social awareness, besides developing their research skills and more importantly critical thinking.


Grade 3 VOICES Storytelling contest is under the theme “Communication through Creative Expression” where the students memorize a specific story and present it using prominent hand gestures, facial expression, and voice modulation. The contest of this year was held virtually on the 3rd of June 2021 at 8:30 in the morning till 10:00 am. Surprisingly even though it was the first time the contest was held virtually, nothing made the contest any less profitable to the students, administrators, parents, and teachers. 


Each of the 18th contestants was able to present their targeted stories in almost 2 minutes. The two MCs, Zahraa Husain Aljaidoom of Grade 3E, and Maryam Sayed Qassim of Grade 3B, were the ones who brighten the contest with their excellence coarse and magnetic personalities, which suits the emceeing position for the contest. With their skills, they made the contest went smoothly. The judges by the end of the contest announced the three best storytellers among the 18 contenders. The third place went to Marwa Abdulla Ahmed from Grade 3A with the story “Beg Your Pardon Mrs. Hardin!” The second place for Noor Ammar Nooruddin from Grade 3E with the story, “The Farmer and The Well”. And the best storyteller of APG who took the first place of the contest is Fatima Mohamed Ebrahim Grade 3B with the story, The Clever Thief.


The contest ended with a few spectacular words said by the primary principal of APG School, Ms. Iqpal Nawaf, expressing how proud she is to see her candles brighten the dark places with their enlightened education. Leaving the stage for the English department coordinator, Ms. Ida Mae Orbe, to enlighten the students with the importance of reading. The contest was successfully and beneficially ended with the students gaining new important skills that will help them to have a bright future.