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28 April 2021 Grade 3 English Performance Task: Poster Making

The English performance task for Grade 3 is related to two literature lessons “Judy Moody Saves the World” and “Whose Land, Is It?” which aims to strengthen the research skills and independence of the students. Not only that it targets their writing skills but also reinforces their creative side and sheds light on the importance of the rainforest to the world.


Both stories focus on saving the world, especially the forest. The reason behind this activity is to understand the importance of these places to the animals and to the world. That is what the English teachers of Grade 3 Ms.Fatima M. , Ms.Ayah and Ms.Hawraa, delivered to the students.


In relation to the literature lesson, the students of Grade 3 were asked to create and design their own poster. They were asked to search about a specific forest and explore the beauty of it, then take some basic information and create a poster in the class.  The task was explained and done during the English period.


The Grade 3 students created a poster using colored paper to write the location, the weather and examples of the animals and plants, and for decoration, they creatively used colors, stickers, and pictures to design it. Finally, they presented the poster to the class with pride.