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English Voices 2021: Communication through Creative Expression

06 June 2021 Grade 2 Show & Tell Contest, “My Country, My Pride”

 Due to Covid-19, technology has been demonstrated to be number one used worldwide. The institutional communities, employment communities, Government ministries, and natives, depended on technology to fulfil their requirements.


APG school annual VOICES contest for Grade 2 of the English department, was held online on the 6th of June 2021 to ensure social distancing. It was attended by the administrators, teachers, students, and parents who showed support to each of the contestants. Show and Tell contest indicates the importance of the development of self-confidence, research skills, and critical thinking. The 21 contestants were able to write and memorize a speech that depicts their proudness of their own country, Bahrain. Their focus was on a particular place, or thing that related to Bahrain as a country. The contestants presented their own written speech with the appropriate props using hand gestures, facial expression, and voice modulation.


This brought us to the three winners of the contest. The judges, Ms. Ayah, Ms. Gina, and the Chief Judge Ms. Marjorie had the final decision in choosing the best three contestants. Contestant number 13, Zainab Jaber Ahmed of 2F garnered the third place with the title: The National Bird of Bahrain. Contestant number 5, Hussain Fadhel Ali of 2C won the second place with the title: The Tree of Life and Contestant number 11, Ahmed Abbas Ali of 2E, garnered the first place with the title: A Trip to Bahrain. All the contestants gave the audience and the judges a tough time to choose who could be the best. The event was successfully ended with some encouraging remarks by the English department coordinator Ms. Ida.


Indeed, thanks to the parents who worked hard to practice their children, the coordinator Ms. Ida who helped in practicing the contestants, and the English teachers of Grade two who trained them to make this contest well presented. Of course, not forgetting the untiring support of their proud parents.  Due to the team work the contest ended very well.