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G4 Project Presentation :



G4 Project Presentation : : 
A display of talent, ingenuity and creativity

 This year’s Group 4 Project Presentation transformed the Senior IB students of APG into young talented scientists and researchers. It was an educative endeavour that surprised the APG Community whereby the seniors started their presentation with the true essence of multidisciplinary team study of a researchable topic in Science and Technology.

One of the requirements of the Group 4 Presentation is a designed display board summarizing the project together with its procedures on how the project works. The display boards each team accomplished were exhibited in the corridors fronting the IB building. Each team had a chance to discuss and explain the idiosyncrasies of their project. They also had a chance to showcase and demonstrate how their project works in front of the school administrators as well as parents, IGCSE students, guests from Bahrain Science Centre, accreditors from Council of International Schools, and other teachers of the school.
Each team showed a strong emphasis on teamwork. Based on the presentation of each team, an individual strategic planning cycle was evident. It was clearly shown not only on the ideas shared but also on the tangible evidence projected on the screen supported by the team’s output shown in their display board. The young scientists and researchers also gave their best reasonings in a logical and sensible way as they answer the tough questions of the panel of evaluators to prove their worth on the research they had chosen.
Among the 10 teams, four were shortlisted to contend for superiority in the said competition. They were: Investigating the functionality of a joule thief circuit using dead battery; Investigating the pH change of different concentrations of pesticide solutions before and after passing across activated carbon fitted cellolose acetate; Improving spatial navigation tools for visually impaired individuals; and Recycling waste heat into electrical energy.
In the end, the study that captured the minds and hearts of the panel of evaluators and which was actually the crowd’s favourite is the research on Improving spatial navigation tools for visually impaired individuals .