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IB’s Week-long Celebration:



IB’s Week-long Celebration:  : 
A remarkable success!

          The IB’s week-long celebration from September 22 to 26, 2019 marked a memorable event which will forever be etched into the lives of the Juniors, Seniors and the workforce of the International Baccalaureate Department Programme of Arabian Pearl Gulf School.
          This year’s theme, “Science for a Better World”, was defined through various activities which include the IB Lapel Pinning Ceremony, the Organized Institutional Campaign of the Sustainable Development Goals in partnership with Bahrain Science Centre & SDGs, the 51st Birthday Celebration of the IB, the 150th Year of the Periodic Table of Elements, and the Group 4 Project Presentation.
          The celebration was indeed a huge success because both the juniors and the seniors showed tremendous support from the first day to the last day of the celebration. It truly displayed the camaraderie among the IB students showcasing not only mutual respect and friendship among themselves as they accomplish their tasks but also exhibiting the 10 IB learner profiles making them not only global but also responsible citizens of the country.