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IGCSE Welcomes the Students to Academic Year 2018-2019



IGCSE Welcomes the Students to Academic Year 2018-2019 : 
To prepare the students in their ‘new ride’

 To prepare the students in their ‘new ride’, Arabian Pearl Gulf (APG) School held its International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) Orientation to the Grades 9 and 10 students on September 6, 2018 at the Awal Hall.

            Ms. Mabel, the English as Second Language 9 Teacher, hosted the said event. The program commenced with the opening remarks by Ms. Ebtisam, the head of Arabian Pearl Gulf (APG) School. She gave a warm greeting to the students, the teaching and non-teaching staff, and the present administrators.
            “Success is a journey with many destinations,” she then added. Ms. Ebtisam put emphasis on the responsibilities and the goals of the students to have personal development to reach the flag of victory. The value of respect also counted to what she highlighted. The head of school also reminded the IGCSE students to help APG become a bullying-free-school.
            The new principal, Mr. Khalid, bestowed the attendees with warm acknowledgement and gesture for being part of the APG family under the IGCSE department. He shared his target goals and aims to provide the best quality of education to the learners which will result to their parents’ gratification.
            Then, Mr. Wafula touched on the mission and vision of the school while Ms. Rachelle centered on the values that learners have to develop. Some students also actively partook in the discussion of these topics.
            On the other hand, Ms. Ruyena, the IGCSE Department’s coordinator, discussed the marking system in each of the subject areas. She, too, inculcated all the department’s rules which the students need to strictly abide by. The types of exams and the percentage/marking distribution were also given attention to. Afterwards, Ms. Ruyena introduced the teachers of the IGCSE Department.
            In addition, the school counselors including Mr. Abdulrahman, Ms. Maryam, and Ms. Fatima reminded the students about the school’s rules and the consequences of their possible misconduct. They also imparted the nature of counseling and the process of doing so.

            Finally, the orientation ended with a closing speech from Ms. Shahla, APG’s Vice Principal. She gave recognition to all of the attendees of the event and she summed up the day’s discussion.