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Idea Show Competition



Idea Show Competition : 
GATE unit - SPED department

 For the second year, the GATE unit within the SPED department held the Idea Show Competition for grade 7 and 8 students on April 25th 2018. With the presence of Dr.S.Salah Alawi, Mr.Jaffer Hamza, and Mr.Jalil Alsharaf as the panel of judges, the competition aimed at enhancing students’ creative thinking and encouraging them to invent and innovate. The event was sponsored by Alruwad learning center, who offered the winners free robotics sessions at the center.

Twenty students, representing 12 teams joined the competition and presented their innovative ideas. Winners were:
·         1st place: Abdulla Jaffer and Hasan Husain from G8, with their idea SPAW – Self Protecting Anti bulling Watch”.
·         2nd place: Ali Hadi and Yusuf Ahmed from G7, with their ATM-Donations idea.
·         3rd place: S.Ali Jaafar Mohamed from G7 with his levitating device idea.