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Grade 8 Brings Their “Great Expectations” on Stage



Grade 8 Brings Their “Great Expectations” on Stage : 
English Department

 The Great Expectations Play was a competition among the 5 sections of grade 8 held in Awal Hall on April 10, 2018. Students were given the chance to showcase their talents in drama. The whole production was organized by the students themselves from directing, costume designs, props, etc. The competition was judged by the selected teachers namely Ms. Grace Esteron, Ms. Liza Arnigo and Ms. Ma Elena Juralbal-. The following students won the major/minor awards.

Major Awards:
Best Group Performance- Grade 8C
Second Place- Grade 8A
Third Place- Grade 8D
Minor Awards:
Outstanding Character (Magwitch) - Afnan Zuhair Masaool –8A
Outstanding Character (Pip) - Ebaa Abdulnasser Ali-8C
Outstanding Director- Fatema Mohamed Alghadhban-8C
Outstanding Narrator- Maysoon Jasim Bukannan
                                        -Muntadher Hasan Humaidan
Outstanding Costume Design- Fatima Sayed Salman- 8C
The script was an excerpt from Great Expectations, thirteenth novel by Charles Dickens that depicts the personal growth and personal development of an orphan nicknamed Pip. Great Expectations is full of extreme imagery and has a colorful cast of characters who have entered popular culture.