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APG Inter-Class Spelling Bee



APG Inter-Class Spelling Bee : 
Held by English Department

 APG English Department held the Inter-Class Spelling Bee on December 10-12, 2017 to harness its students’ vocabulary and to escalate students’ perception towards effective communication. This is just one of the many ways; the department has initiated, to promote the English language literacy among students.

Here are the list of the winners per grade level:
Grade 1
First Place- Fatima Mohammed Ghazwan- 1F
Second Place- Layan Jaafar Saeed- 1E
Third Place- Jood Ali Mahmood Abdulla- 1E
Grade 2
First Place- Abdulla Hussain Alaekri- 2C
Second Place- Fatima Zuhair Mansoor Abdulla- 2F
Third Place- Maithan Ahmed Naser Hejairi- 2B
Grade 3
First Place- Batool Sayed Shubbar- 3E
Second Place-Hussain Ebrahim Mohsen- 3F
Third Place- Abdulla Ali Hassan- 3D
Grade 4
First Place- Sayed Mohammed Majed- 4E
Second Place- Mohammed Mahdi Al Qassab- 4D
Third Place- Mohammed Jaffer Mazaal- 4E
Grade 5
First Place- Ali Sadiq Ali- 5E
Second Place- Ahmed Saeed Ahmed- 5D
Third Place- Mohammed Jaffar Hassan- 5E
Grade 6
First Place- Shaima Waleed Al Alawi- 6C
Second Place- Sayed Ali Mustafa- 6D
Third Place- Fatema Mohammed Jasim 6C  
Grade 7
First Place- Mohammed Hassan  Mohammed Hassan- 7E
Second Place- Ayah Abbas Ali- 7B
Third Place- Ali Abdulla Radhi- 7D
Grade 8
First Place- Afnan Zuhair Masaool- 8A
Second Place- Fatima Mohammed Ali Alfardan- 8A
Third Place- Mohammed Yaser Al Yusuf-  8E