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Spin N’ Win 2017



Spin N’ Win 2017 : 
Special Edition: APG School’s 20th Anniversary Celebration

Aradous Hall was filled with energy and enthusiasm as each class of Grade 6 students cheered for their participating team in the Spin N’ Win Game Show APG Style held last March 27 from 8:00 – 9:50 A.M.
Spin N’ Win Game Show  is adapted from the popular game show – Spin a Wheel and Jeopardy. Ms. Maria, the Social Science Coordinator, re-introduced the game show by making it a learning-filled competition. Each group spins the wheel and answers the questions based on the category to which the wheel lands and earn points.
As the school celebrates its 20h anniversary, another category was added, the APG Jackpot. This category comprises information about the history of Arabian Pearl Gulf School for the past 20 years. Also, many additional prizes were added to make the game and celebration more challenging and entertaining.
Among the courageous participating teams, Grade 6-C emerged as the champion garnering 18 points. The Champion was composed of Fatima Ahmed Najeeb, Noor Alzahra Abdulla, Ayah Abbas Ahmed and Amal Ismail Ahmed. Grade 6-D, earned the 2nd place with a very close 13 points over the 6-B with 12 points for 3rd place. Team 6-D were Mohammed Hasan  Mohammed, Moh’dSadiq Isa Mansoor, S. Ali S. Mahmood  Ali Ebrahim and Ali Hussain A. Makki  Hasan. On the other hand, Team 6-B was composed of Jana Mamdooh Abdulelah, BushraAbdulelah, Zainab Salah Abdulla Swar and Malak Abdulla Isa.
Part of the show was ‘BLEACHEERING’ competition of each class to support and inspire their contestants. Team 6A triumphed over all the classes by winning the 1st place followed by Team 6C for 2nd place and Team 6D in 3rd place.
Team 6B was also recognized as the most disciplined class followed by Team 6A and Team 6C as the 2nd and  3rd placers respectively.
Mohammad Jaber of Team 6D prevailed as the best team captain in leadership earning him a gold medal. Baneen Ebrahim of Team 6A won the silver medal and Zainab Sayed Hashim of Team 6B got the bronze medal.   
Ms. Iqbal, the Primary Principal, together with the Vice Principal, Ms Shalah, confirmed the excitement of the teams as they award the certificates and medals to the winners.
Spin N’ Win wouldn’t be possible without the collaboration of Social Studies Department headed by Ms. Maria, English Department headed by Ms. Roditha, the Social Studies and Grade 6 English teachers and Ms. Kendy hosting the game show.