Mission Statement


To provide quality opportunities for learners to become …

  • Excellent in academic and intellect
  • Self-directed and lifelong learners
  • Good citizens with global awareness and competence
  • Respectful of others and with high regard for the natural environment
  • High achievers
  • Well-rounded individuals


To be the top quality school known for strong emphasis on high morals and global competence in producing highly educated learners.

A Mission with a Vision

The APG School community, consisting of administrators, teachers, staff, parents and other members, is committed to:

  • Provide quality opportunities for intellectual and academic excellence
  • Provide opportunities for children to become self-directed and lifelong learners
  • Develop citizens with global awareness
  • Develop citizens who have respect for one another and who have regard for natural environment
  • Involve family in order to improve and maximize student achievement
  • Challenge students to attain their academic, social, emotional and physical potentials