Middle School

Middle School (For Grades 7 & 8)


The Arabian Pearl Gulf School certificate is accredited by Bahrain's Ministry of Education (MOE) and is recognized by the GCC countries.

Middle School Principal's Message

Mr. Khalid Abdul Majeed

IGCSE Principal

Ms. Ruyena Caluyo


We at APG school work as a one team governed by high noble principles and values that focus on the development of our nation through the development of its people. APG School team spares no effort to enable the learners achieve higher international standards of skills and personal growth. This is an achievable outcome of our balanced curricular , motivating extracurricular activities and versatile school life.

APG team does not only consist of our administrators and teachers. Indeed, our students and their parents are important members of our team. Our students are the heart of our educational system and their parents play a great role in sharing a strong commitment towards our common objectives , mission , vision and values .

We are aware of the current and future challenges that are associated with human conflicts and cultural diversity in a rapidly changing world . We constantly seek to find means to help our students adapt , adjust and accept these challenges and work hard to make a the world a better place.

Our team at APG School can be proud no more for being itself a member of a bigger highly skilled and very committed team towards achieving Bahrain 2030 vision .

Mr. Khalid Abdul Majeed

Middle & High School Principal