Math Olympiad

With its goal of producing students who are globally competitive, Arabian Pearl Gulf School once again embarked on a promising journey by joining the Mathematical Olympiads for Elementary and Middle School (MOEMS). The MOEMS is a New York based nonprofit corporation which provides opportunities for children to engage in creative problem solving activities while developing a child's ability to reason, to be logical, to be resourceful, and occasionally, to be ingenious.

The organization's goals for our Math Olympiad participants include:

  • Developing enthusiasm for problem solving and mathematics, deepening the understanding of mathematical concepts and strengthen ability to use these concepts.
  • Considering concepts that they might not otherwise encounter
  • Building a stronger foundation for assessments and for future mathematics studies.

Like most worthwhile goals, there is no easy road to becoming a capable problem solver. One must recognize that this is an important and desirable goal, and that it may take considerable time and effort to realize it. The more time and effort invested, the more one is likely to learn.

The students are selected based on their overall performance in the subject as well as through the recommendations made by the math teachers involved. The school team is composed of two divisions: division E for students under ten to eleve age group and division M for students under 12 to 14 age group. The selected participants undergo extensive trainings facilitated by faculty sponsors in preparation for each monthly Olympiad contest. The Mathematics Department head believes that exposing students in an international competition such as MOEMS is a great avenue in developing the international mindedness of Arabian Pearl Gulf School Students.