Learning Resources Center

The Learning Resources Center is a meeting place in APG School community for learners who have the passion to read books. We aim to provide information that empowers research and student learning needs by providing sufficient quality resources and effective information literacy education. It is our mission to develop a wide range of library services and resources, covering all areas of the school curriculum.


The library is open at 6:30am - 2:30pm, from Sunday to Thursday.


The library maintains collections in English and Arabic materials. We hold over 9,000 volumes of books and audio-visual resources that are searchable through the Follett’s web catalog Destiny Library Manager which is accessible through the school network.

We provide access to growing online resources that offer e-books, online articles and information research skills to help students do their research projects:


We encourage students to become avid library users by providing fun and meaningful activities inside and outside the library environment. As an academic support, we help in developing students to become passionate in reading. We host an Annual Book Fair and we run the International School Book Club to expose students to various display of children's literature. We conduct the Reading Week to stir students love for books and instill in them the joy of reading. We run the Scholastic’s We Are Writers, an online writing tool that inspires children to become authors, and offers a unique opportunity to see their own writing published in a book. We introduced the Reader’s Ticket to encourage children to read more books and to practice good behavior while inside the library. Super Readers and Star Readers are recognized during the Morning Assembly.


The library Instagram has been initiated to promote library awareness and to encourage a culture of reading among members of the APG school community. We post valuable information on reading to motivate students, parents as well as teachers and administrators to model reading.