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A developmentally appropriate curriculum is one that is age-appropriate, individually appropriate and socio-culturally appropriate. This Kindergarten framework considers the developmental benchmarks of four to six year-olds and recommends theuse of strategies that address needs and interests of the learners. Kindergarteners are constantly developing in the different domains (cognitive, language, physical, creative and aesthetic, socio-emotional, and values and character). Thus beginning at an early age the child must be cared for and given all the opportunities to address current developmental needs and prepare him/her for lifelong learning. Kindergarten classrooms, therefore, should multi-level because kindergarteners will differ in their development in each domain. The following are situations that a kindergarten teacher should put to mind:
1. every classroom is a multi-level classroom 
2. every teacher is a multi-level facilitator
3. every learner is unique 
4. every learner has particular intelligence or intelligences
5. every learner has his/her own learning styles
6. every learner has his/her own particular needs
    a. cognitive 
    b. physical 
    c. socio-emotional
7. every learner has his/her own particular wants and interests
8. every learning has a right to develop uniquely from the others
We offer both the national and international certificates, namely:
1.  MoE
3.  IB
MoE ( Ministry of Education)
The APG school certificate is accredited by Bahrain’s  MoE  and is recognized by the GCC countries . All APG  students who presented the school certificate were accepted because the certificate was authenticated by the Directorate of Private Education in the MoE