History of Arabian Pearl Gulf School

APG is a private school situated at Capital Governorate – Khamis, Kingdom of Bahrain.

APG started operation in 1996, with around 250 pupils in Grades one, two, and three. The campus was modest, near the historic Khamis Mosque, which was built in 692 AD in Manama Northern Governorate. APG identifies itself with the historical significance of the place but also engages with contemporary issues of peace and well-being of all mankind.

Mr. Mohammed Moosa Al A'ali founded APG School. Mr. Al A'ali has a special passion to provide high quality education to the children of Bahrain. His main objective is to produce highly educated learners who will be serving their country and the world as global citizens. Achievers translate their passion to reality that will benefit society. Mr. Al A'ali is that achiever who strongly believes that learning and education are the main "feeding substances" for the mind, heart, and soul. Thus, the Arabian Pearl Gulf.

APG is meant to carry the national reflection of Bahrain as the Pearl of the Gulf. Bahrain government plays a vital role in encouraging the private sectors to participate in nation building through quality education. APG enjoys government's support to provide quality education to all Bahrainis and non-Bahrainis.

APG has grown steadily through the years. Today, APG educates 1,394 students from K-12, offering international curriculums. It was authorized to offer the Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education or IGCSE in 2006. To firm up the quality education of its school leavers, it immediately underwent the authorization process of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme or IBDP, and was authorized to implement the IBDP in 2008. APG successfully graduated its first batch in 2010 and first batch of IB in 2011. Since 2014, APG requires all graduates to take IB as full diploma or certificate.

The school is successfully run by the principal Ms. Ebtisam Saeed Al Zeera – Bahraini citizen who believes that the learner is the center of a learning process and all other decisions and activities are built around the integral development of the learner.

The whole APG community, led by the dynamic executive chairman Mr Al'Aali and by the inspiring educator Principal Ebtisam Saeed Al-Zeera, is always giving its best in making sure that the learners are at the heart of the school's journey to success.

APG is a quality school awarded Good in the latest BQA or Bahrain Quality Assurance evaluation. IB in APG has always been above world average in diploma points and grades. Pass rates were at 100% in 2014 and 2015. Percentage of candidates scoring in the 40s has increased. 14% of them obtained the "elite score", that is, 38 and above. In the local National Exams, APG results have been higher than the national average scores.

In 2017, APG became a member of the Council of International School or CIS. It has completed its strategic and operation plans towards CIS accreditation, BQA outstanding award, and overall school development.

APG's best bags no less than the country's highly coveted Crown Prince international scholarship program.

APG alumni and alumnae study here and abroad. APG is open to the world in respectful dialogue with all mankind and in active participation in the education of humanity. We are committed to preparing globally competent learners.