Gate Unit

1) CORT Training

For the first time, we are teaching creative thinking skills for primary students on a weekly basis. CORT (Cognitive Research Trust) program is a comprehensive approach to the teaching of thinking. Grade four students are trained on CORT 1, which is designed to encourage students to broaden their thinking, and direct it towards various areas when making a decision. Grade five students however, are trained on CORT 4, covering the basic creative techniques, procedures, and attitudes.

The lessons are combined direct instruction by the teacher, student group work, class discussions, individual work, and homework projects.

2) Thinking Corner

The program aims to develop students’ thinking skills, and problem solving skills through a weekly challenging question. Students who get the correct answer are awarded through points system. The program is designed for Grades four to six students.

3) ALPHA Program

Alternative Learning Program for High Achievers (ALPHA) Program is designed for highly academically talented students, and aims to extend their knowledge through challenging accelerated worksheets for 8 weeks. Students were selected based on their overall grade A/A* during the previous school year, and who attained 95 or above in any of the 3 major subjects – English, Math, and Science. The students have gone through a diagnostic test designed by the coordinators and the teachers of the English, Math, and Science departments. Students were selected to join the program based on highest first, and if a student undertook more than one test he or she will take the subject that is attained with the highest grade. The program caters for Grades four to six students.