Primary School Programme (Grades 1 to 6)

Arabian Pearl Gulf Primary School envisions the development of self-directed and lifelong learners, citizens with global awareness, and youth who are committed to excellence with instilled respect for humanity and intercultural sensitivity through a comprehensive and responsible curriculum that stresses high morals and global competence in producing highly educated learners.

Knowledge combined with proper guidance can spell success. A dose of proper guidance should be commenced right from the base itself, that is, in school days. Here comes the role of the primary teacher in molding a child's mind. Educating a child, especially in the beginning years of schooling, is a very delicate job. That is probably because the child's mind is like the unmolded clay at that time. Therefore, to get the best results and prepare them to be well-informed and knowledgeable adults, proper guidance is given by the teachers at Arabian Pearl Gulf School that makes a child ready to face the society.

Specific Objectives of Primary Education at Arabian Pearl Gulf School

  • Acquisition of tools of formal learning, namely: literacy, numeracy, and manual skills
  • Acquisition of knowledge through observation, study, and experimentation in the areas of social and natural sciences
  • Development of physical strength and team spirit through sports and games
  • Acquisition of skills for planning and executing socially useful productive work with a view to making education work-based
  • Acquisition of skills of purposeful observation
  • Acquisition of habits of cooperative behavior within the family, school, and community
  • Development of aesthetic perception and creativity through participation in artistic activities and observation of nature
  • Development of social responsibility by inculcating habits (individually as well as collectively) of appreciation of the culture and lifestyles of persons of other religions, regions, and countries; and readiness to serve the weaker and the deprived
  • Development of the desire to participate in productive and other processes of community life and to serve the community

At Arabian Pearl Gulf School, primary school teachers aim to broadly educate children. The education addresses their emotional and intellectual development, the development of their creativity, and their acquisition of social, cultural, and physical skills. The program offered is divided into English and Arabic languages, Mathematics and Arithmetic, Exploratory Social Studies, Islamic Studies, Art Education, and Physical Education.

Considering the nature of primary education, the highly qualified primary school teachers of Arabian Pearl Gulf School address and stimulate the children's natural curiosity and their need for holistic development. By offering a structured and interactive educational program, different forms of exploratory education and interesting themes and activities are provided to stimulate their development. Furthermore, they link content and objectives closely to everyday life, and present it in coherence with each other. Moreover, attention is given to objectives that are important for all learning areas: a good working attitude, use of learning strategies, reflection on one's own actions and learning, expression of one's own thoughts and feelings, respectful listening to and criticizing of others' opinions, acquisition and processing of information, development of self-confidence, respectful and responsible dealing with each other, and care and appreciation for the living environment.

APG Elementary School Principal's Message

Dear All,

Life is full of obstacles. Everyday our children face a new challenge and encounter diverse thoughts and feelings that are considered to be different from what we were used to. The most dangerous ones are the thoughts of extremism and racism. With our world getting more connected through technology and having the power under our fingertips to control and do whatever we like being able to fight these thoughts will be almost impossible.

That's why, our only weapon to prevent this from happening is by filling our children's mind with the proper education and enlightenment to give them the ability to differentiate between what's right and wrong. We can use the technology to our advantage. We are now connected more than ever, and with that we can create a lot of opportunities for our children to expand in what they love to do. To give them the ability to discover the world and find their proper position in their society in which they will benefit themselves and the people around them.

We, here at APG don't just educate children about Science or Math but rather we give primary importance to the upholding of APG core values and the development of life skills which are needed for them to become a better person and a worthy citizen of the world. We give them opportunities to become the best in what they love to do and follow their dreams. We open up the doors for them to let them see what they are capable of.

We follow specific educational programmes such as IGCSE, and IB. We are also gearing up to get the CIS approval! These systems allow our children to adapt when placed in different situations and when faced with problems when they grow up. They will know how to act towards other people from all around the world whom they are not familiar with in terms of traditions and beliefs by showing high levels of respect, understanding and sensitivity.

Here, we believe in quality and relevant education that is necessary for overall growth and improvement. Not only on paper but also in real life engagements as well.

We wish our students great success in their everyday endeavour!

Ms. Iqbal Nawaf Chaalan

Elementary School Principal