Arabian Pearl Gulf Clubs Form (for APG Students)

APG School aims at providing a variety of educational experiences that will encourage students to broaden their knowledge and increase their enthusiasm for their area of interest. We are so pleased to inform you that all APG Clubs and Scouts started start session is from 2:00pm-4:00pm every Thursday.

  • Students have to be fetched at exactly 4:00pm . It is the responsibility of the parent to fetch his ward without delay.
  • All students should be present in the respective room for each club. If any student does not follow the rules and regulations of the school, we regret that he /she will be dismissed from the club.

We commit ourselves to give our students opportunities to develop more positive and realistic attitude toward themselves and their peers through the extra curricula activities that are offered in the clubs. Thank you for your continuous cooperation.

Please read the terms carefully, fill in the form print it and submit it to the assigned Club Moderator. Applicants are accepted on the basis of first come first served

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